AI & Machine Learning

The promise these technologies hold is even beyond the comprehension of its creators. AI and ML are without doubt the technologies of the future. Humans have truly transcended in the industrial and technological revolution but none will ever exceed the possibility this particular technology holds. Without sounding too far fetched we can say that AI can quite possibly be the last invention of man.

How so you may wonder?

Currently we are in the phase of already having transitioned past Artificial Narrow intelligence to Artificial General Intelligence. In this phase the AI is able to make decisions for itself and analyze things in its own perspective enabled by complex algorithms. The next phase is Artificial Super Intelligence, this is the phase in which AI is smarter than humans and is able to solve complex problems in all spectrum ranging for mathematics to socio-economic. AI can solve all of humanities problem without sounding too far-fetched.

The implication of this is frankly quite absurd and simply beyond the comprehension of narrow-minded individuals. Imagine a computer program that is significantly smarter than the collective human intelligence on earth. Basically, it’s a very exciting technology that seemed a little far fetched a decade ago but is completely attainable today. Yes, it’s a game changer and at Tekvity we aim to leverage the promise of this technology by associating ourselves with likeminded startup companies, individuals and job seekers who are as thrilled as we are to work on this technology to transition the society from its current striving state to a thriving state.