Tekvity Corporate Training

Tekvity Corporate Training programs are designed and customized to meet your company specific requirements.

We study your business processes, assess the learning needs of your employees, and will then collaborate with you on an instructional design, development and delivery strategy that meets your needs.Our programs are customized in consultation with the client and specifically designed to meet the client’s needs and to realize desired outcomes.

Our custom-created training options give you the opportunity to focus attention on the training and development needs that are integral to your company culture, and in line with your organizational goals.

We, at Tekvity, help you bring out your best through training and development programs that ensure a positive as well as definitive impact on your performance.

For Job Aspirants

If you are an individual looking for new opportunities, we act as a building block of your technical and practical skills needed to prepare you for your new future endeavours. We ensure that you are prepared to help the organisation achieve its goals besides being able to face the challenges you would probably meet in a new working environment. The training and development opportunities help you grow professionally as well as personally too.

For Employers

For an organisation to reach its goal, its employees too should be in par with it. The employees’ job satisfaction is not just sufficient, but their productivity at work as well as their commitment is what matters the most to their employers. When there’s a way to enhance the productivity of your employees by large, wouldn’t you choose it? Of course you would! Well, if you are concerned about the viability of such a change, then you might be mistaken. Most of the employers would already be following some means or the other in order to provide training and developmental strategies to their employees. But it seems that perhaps you need to give more of it and this time, through us, so that you save your time and resources while you still be benefited by large.

Our formalised and customised training and development programmes enrich the background knowledge of your employees with an overview of the job requirements and required skill sets in your organisation. We intend to keep them in touch with the latest technologies and updates, thus keeping your organisation as well as your employees mutually beneficial.

Areas of Corporate Training

  • ETL Training – Ab initial, SAS, Pentaho, Informatica
  • Database and Reporting
  • Scripting – Python and Unix Scripting
  • Web Design and Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Big Data technologies

Some of the highlights of Tekvity’s corporate training programs are

  • Detailed analysis of your requirement
  • Customize training program
  • Project specific training
  • Case study implementation
  • Dedicated post training support